Unique environmentally friendly technology. High-performance corrosion protection - prevention.


“Lubrication is more about people than it is about business, technology or machinery”


LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL

A readily biodegradable grease lubricant specifically formulated and developed for lubrication & protection of steel wire ropes / cables against degradation & corrosion.

LanoPro Multi Grease WRM2

Modern high performance multipurpose grease suitable for both industrial, marine and automotive applications. Suitable for various applications in wet / corrosive environments.

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At Godwana Lubrication we understand that one of the keys to productivity is equipment reliability. This relies on appropriate grease selection which in turn contributes to improved operational efficiency, reduced environmental impact and the delivery of sustainable value.

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Our in-depth knowledge of grease technologies combined with an understanding of operational demands enables our team of experts to provide a range of products capable of enhancing component protection under the most extreme conditions experienced in marine/offshore, mining, rail, auto & food production applications.

Longer component and equipment life contributes to greater operational reliability, extended maintenance intervals and reduced product consumption.

Our team works with you to achieve the outcomes you require for success of your operational criteria.


Offering lubrication solutions for every possible challenge.


“Lubrication is more about people than it is about business, technology or machinery”


LanoPro Leak Stop

A premium additive for gears, transmissions & engines to prevent and stop sweating/leaks from gaskets. Adds lubricity and reduces friction at extremely high loads.

Storage Oil 10 EAL

Premium grade coating formulated for frequent use in harsh conditions. Designed for maximum penetration and protection against degradation and corrosion.